Aimee's Angels, seven holy women, walk the beach as they sing and pray in the opening images of the film.
"Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story" is as provocative as it is touching and explores the human side of one of America's towering spiritual icons. You'll find a sensitive script, ample acting, and a story that portrays the Pentecostal woman, who like the rest of us, lived in a skin of real flesh...If you can believe that Christian legends still wear a skin that longs to be touched, THIS MOVIE IS A MUST-SEE!" (Charisma Magazine, Ed Donnally)
"a three-tissue ending...purest Rossi has" (
"Mimi Michaels performance as Aimee is riveting..." (The Z Review)
"A poignant example of strong storytelling and acting. One of the best projects to emerge out of the digital revolution. .." (
"A hybrid of indie roots and epic story. The film's strengths and major achievements are the intimacy and message, the inventiveness and look of the film that was achieved with a small budget, but most of all, THE HEART. What permeates ASM is that Richard Rossi had to tell this story." (Bob Hawk, Independent film consultant and producer)
"This film is about the idea a Higher Power can call us to greatness no matter what our faults. This is an important film. Rare is it when humanity is showcased so beautifully and stylistically and at the same time with a heart. First-time director Rossi maintains the heart of a healer who ultimately couldn't heal herself. This is a film for everyone to see and love. Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story is not to be missed..." (Evan Charles Gross, Entertainment Writer, The Movie Scooper, Pasadena, CA.)
"Aimee Semple McPherson, as director Richard Rossi portrays her, is a woman of magnificent triumphs and magnificent defeats. Sister Aimee is also a film about imperfection and how imperfect people are used to affect positive change in the lives of so many others..." (
"Rossi's years as a healing evangelist enable him to get below the surface of things and show an intimate understanding of the people and events..." (Jack Bernstein, Movie review)
"Rossi explores the pain behind the glamour..." (Christianity Today)
"In spite of being a devout atheist (an oxymoron I imagine), I've always found the people involved with any religion to be fascinating. Director Rossi wants us to know the evangelist who became a sensation touring around the world and preaching her Christian beliefs...Rossi doesn't gloss over her indiscretions. He paints a lovelorn woman...not a deified woman. Mimi Michaels (as Aimee) is a force of passion and conviction..." (Filmthreat )
Director Richard Rossi, (pictured above), as Aimee's third husband, David Hutton.

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